And We’re Off – February 11, 2016

Leaving behind the cold, gray skies in NYC and headed out to sunny, beautiful California!  Follow me on Instagram @FODMom for our daily sun-soaked activity and food posts :).  My sister and I will probably get into some cooking at the weekend, so check the blog for some new or variations of our favorite recipes!  Maybe my son and I can venture out to a real yoga practice in Cali since we’ve started our daily practicing.


In the airport, we shared a not great burger and fries to prepare for the long flight – airplane food would have been worse, I suppose.  We did sit in an area with some funny food / NYC photos.


And now the best part of the journey (aside from seeing my sister of course!) – arriving for this:


Check back in this week for more updates, and definitely check out the instagram posts!

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