Fall is for Pumpkins – December 8, 2016

I’ve been loving this fall.  Absolutely loving it – trying to experience everything I can and take something away from every encounter.  Last week at work, we brought in an outside trainer to facilitate a course for our team on running programs and managing stakeholders.  It’s a topic with which we are all comfortable, but the instructor shared different perspectives and brought some interesting insights.  He asked us to consider when we do our best thinking and decision making, to which most of us answered “sleep”, “when I’m not thinking about it”, etc.  He asked us to consider walking and the benefits of clearing your head and getting “inspiration”.  Here is a short article on the topic as well.

So that was my big takeaway from last week, and today I decided to take that advice.  I walked home from the gym today over the Brooklyn bridge, and it was such a great experience – even in the freezing cold 🙂



Enough about self-help and on to the cooking!  I’ve been trying to come up with a pumpkin muffin recipe that represents the true flavors of a spiced pumpkin pie while maintaining a moist feel in the center.  I think this one does it, but I would love to hear your thoughts!

Low-FODMAP Pumpkin Muffins Recipe Here 

Pumpkins are low fat, highly nutritious and provide a huge amount of Vitamin A which is good for your eyes, skin and circulatory system.



Me enjoying a cocktail last weekend at Prime Meats in my neighborhood 🙂

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